If it’s a good fit for your business, we can install a vending machine to provide consignment tools, inventory control, and simplified billing.

Die cast management tracking system

- Total traceability for all dies and components.

- Ability to track shot count tool life for any individual components of a die.

- Shot count history available for PM and continuous improvement process.

- Notification when components reach shot count tool life or reorder point for replacement.

- Vend and track components to a die, job, department, and machine.

- Test new steels, coatings, and technologies based on real time production information.

Special tools

We can make custom tools to your specification. Send us a print, drawing, or description and we can work up a quote.

Indexable tool repair

Send us your broken indexable tools and we can repair them at a lower cost than buying a brand-new tool.




Send us your used tools for reconditioning and recoating.



Custom mold/die components

We make custom special diameter pins, ID sleeves, finished cores, and jet cool cores.

Send us your detailed requirements and we will provide you with a finished core pin to your specifications, including the jet cool feature, ready to install in your die.


Send us your Bill of Materials and we can assemble everything you need for your job in one convenient shipment when you need it. Minimizes freight charges, invoices, and the potential for lost items.

Tool coating

We can coat your existing tools to increase productivity for your application.

Pin cutoff

Let MSI supply all your pins cut and finish ground to your specified lengths from 2-1/4" to 20" length with a +/- 0.001" tolerance. This service can be provided on all MSI pins as well as DMS, DME, or Progressive pins.