Established in 1974

Mold Supplies has been servicing mold and die shops for over four decades. We began as a supplier of standard as well as special Mold Components, Mold bases, Specialty Abrasives & Polishing Supplies, Heating Elements and Mold Releases, Lubricants & Cleaners.

In addition, today we are a full line Abrasive and Cutting Tool supplier representing some of the major manufacturers from around the world. Please feel free to browse our website and contact us if you are interested in any of our product lines.

Management and tracking system

- Ability to track shot count tool life for any individual components of a die.

- Shot count history available for PM and continuous improvement process.

- Notification when components reach shot count tool life or reorder point for replacement.

- Vend and track components to a die, job, department, and machine.

- Test new steels, coatings, and technologies based on real time production information.

DME Distributor

We are now the premier authorized DME distributor in the area.

Line Categories

Cutting Tools

Mold Components

Coolants and Chemicals

Polishing and Abrasives

Tool Holding

Work Holding

Shop Supplies


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Featured MSI products

1" Diameter 90deg shoulder milling kit

Includes one 1" cutter body 4" OAL and ten APKT1604 inserts.